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            Speaker Information for Janice Campbell

            Dear Conference Planner,

            You’ll find brief information here about me and the presentations I offer. Each workshop (except for the Beat-the-Clock essay workshop) is 45-55 minutes in length, and workshops can be combined to fit a theme or address specific audience needs. Topics are updated and refreshed each year, and new topics added. If you wish to view a very dated presentation on video, you’ll find a 2012 version of “” on the Excellence in Literature site.

            If I am scheduled to speak at your conference, you are welcome to use the information on this “speaker information for Janice Campbell” page, including speaker photo (higher resolution available), bio, and workshop descriptions, for advance publicity materials or convention brochures. For pre-conference publicity, I also have articles available on request for your organization’s magazine, newsletter, or convention program. I am always happy to promote your event to my mailing list (I love to meet my readers in person!) and in various social media venues.

            Thanks again for visiting — I look forward to hearing from you!

            Janice Campbell

            P.S. One of the best compliments I ever received was from a workshop attendee who came to all five of my talks at a recent conference. She told me afterward that she’d never heard of me before she arrived at the conference, but she asked someone for workshop recommendations and they recommended mine because “they’re full of good information and not just a pitch-fest.” That has always been my goal, and I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. I look forward to sharing good information with your attendees as well.

            Speaker Information for Janice Campbell

            I’m honored to be included in the following speaker bureaus:

            •  – sponsored by the National Alliance of Christian 体彩有app官方下载 Education Leadership
            • The Old Schoolhouse Speaker’s Bureau

            I have been speaking and consulting in the 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 community for over two decades. Venues have included HEAV and Virginia 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ers in Virginia, NCHE in North Carolina, CHAP convention in Pennsylvania, ICHE in Illinois, ENOCH in New Jersey, Great 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Conferences in Memphis, Greenville, Cincinnati, Long Beach, and Hartford, INCH, TPA, and smaller conferences such as the NOVA (Northern Virginia Regional) Conference, Heart for 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing Conference in North Carolina (keynote), and others. In addition, I have also spoken at the Self-Reliance Expo, USA Prepares Expo, World Domination Summit, and at a number of writer’s groups and events. Wherever I am, it is my goal to keep topics subject-focused and to be sensitive to audience needs and conference objectives. Please feel free to ask if you have specific questions about worldview or topic content.

            体彩有app官方下载 Conference Schedule

            I look forward to seeing you at one of the following 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 conventions!

            I’ll be doing the at all seven

            • TEXAS 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX – March 12 – 14, 体彩有app官方下载
            • SOUTHEAST 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, TD Convention Center, Greenville, SC, – March 19 – 21, 体彩有app官方下载
            • MISSOURI 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO, March 26 – 28, 体彩有app官方下载
            • MIDWEST 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH, April 16 – 18, 体彩有app官方下载
            • CALIFORNIA 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA, June 18 – 20, 体彩有app官方下载
            • FLORIDA 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center, June 25 – 27, 体彩有app官方下载
            • NEW YORK 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention, Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Conv. Ctr, Rochester, NY, July 30 –August 1, 体彩有app官方下载

            In addition, I’ll be at the

            • in Richmond, VA, June 11-13, 体彩有app官方下载

            Here is a peek at my booth so you will recognize it when you see it. I hope you’ll stop and say hello!

            Short Bio

             curriculum for grades 8-12, , and other resources, and she writes for various 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing magazines, as well as online at , , and .

            Speaking Topics

            You’ll notice that talks focus in four main areas, including

            • Teacher training
            • Teaching Literature and Language Arts
            • High 体彩有app官方下载 and preparation for the future
            • Microbusiness.

            Janice Campbell’s Core Talks

            The labour of the mother who sets herself to understand her work is not increased, but infinitely lightened.
            Charlotte Mason

            How to Plan (and Record) Your 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Life

            Once you have committed to teaching your students at 体彩有app官方下载, what is the next step? A peaceful, effective 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 begins with a vision, simple plans, and a routine for getting the right things done. We’ll talk about how to set appropriate academic goals; how to do simple, streamlined planning and record-keeping; how to create a simple master plan (scope and sequence) for what you need to cover each year; and how to create routines that can help you stay relaxed and on track. [Focus: Parent Training, Basics, Planning, Encouragement, Audience favorite] 

            How to Choose and Adapt Curriculum

            A great curriculum can make learning easier, but how can you know which one to choose? Choosing curriculum is about more than buying books — it’s about knowing your students and their learning styles; knowing yourself and your teaching style, as well as knowing the most important things that must be taught and the primary ways that students learn. We’ll talk about how to work with teaching and learning styles, three skills you must teach, how to evaluate curriculum for the things that really matter, and ways to adapt almost any curriculum you buy (and what to do with the rest).  [Focus: Parent Training, Basics, Planning, K-12, Encouragement]

            How to Teach Writing the Easy, Natural Way: Model-Based Writing for Any Age

            Learning to talk happens easily and naturally for most people, and learning to write can happen that way too. Join me to learn how you can teach writing using just pen, paper, and books you already own or can get from the library. You’ll learn a four-stage model-based writing cycle that breaks writing projects into manageable pieces, teaches orderly patterns of thought, encourages creativity, expands knowledge, and helps students—even struggling learners—master the mechanics of writing. [Focus: Parent Training, Language Arts, K-12]

            How to Teach so They Remember: 7+ Ways to Help Your Students Learn Better

            During the years that you are 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing, you have the chance to help your student become a person who can figure out how to learn anything. Many of the best study skills and learning methods have been used for centuries, and they still work in every grade from kindergarten to graduate 体彩有app官方下载 and beyond. No matter what your student plans to do after 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing — college, military academy, technical 体彩有app官方下载, art or music 体彩有app官方下载, or an apprenticeship program — being a great learner will make it easier to succeed. [Focus: Parent Training, Basics, K-12] 

            How to Teach with Living Books

            Imagine a 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 centered on books that are so interesting or thought-provoking that you would read them even if you didn’t have to. Those books are living books, and they come in every subject. Living books present a feast of great ideas in such a delightful way that students understand, remember, and even learn to care about what they are learning. Join us to learn what living books are, why they are so effective, and ways to use them to study history, geography, science, the arts, life skills, and more. You’ll learn how narration, drawing, and Model-Based Writing work with living books to build communication and thinking skills in an organic, memorable way. You’ll take 体彩有app官方下载 the confidence that you can teach in a way that helps your children love to learn. [Focus: Parent Training, Reading, K-12]

            Spreading the Feast: How to Teach Great Literature to Teens

            Have you always wanted to read the classics, but didn’t know where to begin? The “Great Books” are wonderful reading, and well worth the effort it takes to understand them. In this inspiring workshop, you’ll learn how to read challenging books; how context resources such as art, music, and history can help you understand a great work; how literary periods can reveal clues to an author’s worldview; and how to help your high 体彩有app官方下载 students develop the kind of deep reading and writing skills they will need in college. You’ll leave knowing how important literature is, and confident that you can teach it! [Focus: Parent Training, Literature, Teens, Audience favorite!]

            How to 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 High School (Key: It’s an Education, Not a Rat Race)            

            What does a great high 体彩有app官方下载 education look like? If you’ve worried that it means giving up teaching in a way that fits your family, and transforming into a Ms. Gradgrind, demanding “facts, and nothing but facts,” worry no more. It’s entirely possible to create a high 体彩有app官方下载 experience that preserves the joy of learning while preparing each student for the appropriate next step in life. We’ll look at the primary purpose of the high 体彩有app官方下载 years; your role; things your student must know before graduating; records, transcripts, and gap years; interesting learning opportunities for 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ed teens; and more. You’ll learn which requirements are important; how to decide what each student should study; and how to tailor the high 体彩有app官方下载 experience to fit the student’s interests, aptitudes, and future plans. You’ll leave with the confidence that you and your teen can 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 through high 体彩有app官方下载 with joy. 


            Language Arts

            One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper pattern at the right moment.
            Hart Crane

            Spreading the Feast: How to Teach Great Literature to Teens

            How to Teach Writing the Easy, Natural Way: Model-Based Writing for Any Age

            Learning to talk happens easily and naturally for most people, and learning to write can happen that way too. Join me to learn how you can teach writing using just pen, paper, and books you already own or can get from the library. You’ll learn a four-stage model-based writing cycle that breaks writing projects into manageable pieces, teaches orderly patterns of thought, encourages creativity, expands knowledge, and helps students—even struggling learners—master the mechanics of writing. [Focus: Parent Training, Language Arts, K-12]

            How to Write (and Evaluate) Great Essays

            Essay writing is an essential high 体彩有app官方下载 and college skill. There’s no need to be afraid of teaching this important skill! Join me to learn how to teach your teens to organize thoughts, develop and support a thesis, and construct a logical conclusion, all in a compelling and readable style. We’ll review the parts of an essay and the five-step writing process, learn about writing tools such as mind maps and graphic organizers, and discuss how to constructively and tactfully evaluate your student’s writing.  [Language Arts, Middle-High School]

            Mr. McGuffey, Meet Charlotte Mason: Classic Techniques for Teaching Language Arts, Elocution, and More

            For over 100 years, the McGuffey Readers were used in countless one-room 体彩有app官方下载houses across America, imparting solid phonics-based reading, writing, and speaking instruction through character-building stories, poetry, and excerpts from important classic works. I’ll show you how to make them even more effective by applying Charlotte Mason’s instructional methods to these timeless classics for a structured, yet simple language arts foundation. [Focus: Parent Training, Language Arts, K-12]

            Teaching Teens: 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing Through High School

            Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

            How to 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 High School (Key: It’s an Education, Not a Rat Race)      

            7 Steps to a Simple, Powerful Transcript

            Transcripts are not just for college — every student needs one. The high 体彩有app官方下载 transcript is designed to highlight your student’s talents, strengths, and skills in the same way a résumé does for a prospective employee. It should present an accurate overview of the high 体彩有app官方下载 experience, tailored to fit the focus of the target audience, whether that is a college, military academy, technical 体彩有app官方下载, art or music 体彩有app官方下载, or an apprenticeship program. I’ll share a step-by-step process for creating a simple, effective transcript, including how to assign grades, calculate a grade point average, name classes, and grant credit. You’ll be sure to leave with a “can-do” feeling.  [Focus: Parent Training, Teens, Planning, Recordkeeping, Encouragement, Audience favorite!]

            Early College体彩有app官方下载: Start When You’re Ready; Learn What You Need

            Did you know you can save thousands of dollars by having your students earn college credits while in high 体彩有app官方下载? Whether or not  your student plans to earn a four-year degree, earning a few college credits can be a wise choice. Not only can you save time and money, but college credits on a high 体彩有app官方下载 transcript can be a credibility clincher for the grades you’ve granted. In addition, starting college at 体彩有app官方下载 usually allows you to use curriculum and resources that reflect your values. Join us to learn where to start and how to find resources, the one type of college class you’ll definitely want your student to CLEP out of, and more. [Focus: Parent Training, Teens, Planning, Encouragement]

            Why 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载? Gentle Answers for Tough Questions

            Whether you love the idea of 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing or think it’s the craziest thing since pet rocks, 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing is here to stay. We’ll start with a look at the top reasons you might want to 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载, backed by solid statistics, then we’ll talk about questions such as: Is 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing legal? Is testing required? How much does 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing cost? What about socialization? Will it take all day? Even if you already know you want to 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载, you’ll leave this talk with confidence that you can answer tough questions from those who doubt. [Focus: Parent Training, Basics, Encouragement]


            A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it,
            bearing within him the image of a cathedral.

            Antoine de Saint-Exupery

            The following three talks work well as a set, but can also be requested individually.

            1- How to Start and Learn from a Microbusiness

            • A microbusiness is a one-person business that you can start on a shoestring and build at your own speed. You can learn to earn what you need while doing something you love from wherever you are. Entrepreneurship and 体彩有app官方下载 education can lead to habits of mind that produce the kinds of creative, responsible citizen-scholars who founded our country体彩有app官方下载. We’ll talke about how to choose and start a manageable microbusiness, how to incorporate entrepreneurial education into your 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载, and ways you can grant credit for various types of entrepreneurial learning. [Focus: Parent Training, Entrepreneurship, Teens, Inspiration].

            2- The Business Plan: How to Design a Microbusiness with Multiple Streams of Income

            • You’ve started a microbusiness and it’s doing pretty well, but what comes next? Is it possible to build a 体彩有app官方下载 business that brings in a full-time income? Join us for a look at an orderly 5-stage business model that will allow you to build a stable business that generates many streams of income, while remaining 体彩有app官方下载 based and debt free. You’ll see examples of how other families are doing just that, both online and offline, and learn a method of time management that will help you get the big projects done. [Focus: Parent Training, Entrepreneurship, Teens, Planning]

            3- Marketing: How to Create a Simple, Effective Website for Your Microbusiness

            • It doesn’t do much good to have a great product or service if your target market can’t find you. One of the fastest and cheapest ways to build your business is to create a simple blog-based website, then boost your search engine rankings through a variety of simple search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that bring potential customers right to you. We’ll discuss how to get your site online in a weekend (for less than the cost of nice dinner out), how to attract visitors and make your site search-engine friendly, and how to keep your posts moving farther and faster than you thought possible. [Focus: Parent Training, Entrepreneurship, Teens]

            How to Become an Entrepreneurial Writer

            • Have you always wanted to be a writer, but hesitated because you also need to earn a living? This clear, candid overview of the writing life will help you choose the basic tools and systems you need in order to create an extra stream of income, and perhaps even even build it into a freelance career.
            • You will learn:
              • Multiple ways to earn money by writing
              • How and why to choose a niche
              • How to structure your career plan
              • Fast, cheap, and easy marketing tips
              • How to streamline customer service

            Optional Special Events for Before, During, or After a Conference

            Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop

            • The Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop prepares students for writing timed essays, such as those found on the SAT, ACT, and some CLEPs and other exams. This four-hour writing workshop can be scheduled on its own, or in conjunction with a 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 conference. I’ve been offering this popular workshop since 2002, and students consistently indicate that they feel more confident about tackling essays.
            • During the workshop,  I provide an overview of the 5-step writing process, tips on what evaluators look for, a simple formula for time management, step-by-step instruction in how to approach the essay question, a 30+-page handbook, and more. Students write two complete timed essays while there, and receive feedback if requested. You can find complete details at
            • I work with convention coordinators to make this special event a drawing card for their conference, providing a program descript; promotional copy for flyers or brochures; publicity on my website, e-newsletter, and blog; tuition at the local rate, plus a 5% per student discount off the regular tuition if there are 50 or more students. To encourage conference attendance, this discount can be offered when parents register for the full convention along with the BTC workshop. As an alternative, the organization may choose to use the event as a fundraiser, and offer the workshop at regular tuition, and keep the amount of the discount. Other options include offering a member/non-member tuition rate, or using the discount to include an auditing parent in the student registration. I am open to discussing other ideas, so please feel free to contact me if the Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop is something you might like to offer your conference attendees.

            I speak to 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ers, charter 体彩有app官方下载s, writers, self-publishers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, the self-reliance/体彩有app官方下载steading community, and others. If you are interested, just ask!


            I enjoy working with conferences of all sizes and carefully consider all invitations. I am happy to speak multiple times within a conference, and will post promotional links to your event on my blog and newsletter. I am flexible, but ideally, compensation should include a room in the conference hotel, checking in the night before the conference begins and checking out the morning after it ends; mileage-based travel allowance (from zip code 23005) or plane fare; and 2 vendor booths and/or honorarium. It’s a joy to share experience with younger 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ers, and I look forward to working with you!

            We have recently enjoyed being at these conferences:

            It was a delight to do the 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 101 track at the Great 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Conventions last year!


            I did the  at all five Great 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Conventions:

            • GHC: : Greenville, SC — March 8–10
            • GHC: : Ft. Worth, TX — March 15–17
            • GHC:  Cincinnati, OH — April 12–14
            • GHC:  GHC: Ontario, CA —June 14–16
            • GHC: : St. Charles, MO— July 19–21

            In addition, I’ll be returning to two of my favorite state conferences and visiting one that is new to me:


            • GHC: : Ft. Worth, TX — February 23–25
            • GHC: : Greenville, SC —March 16–18
            • GHC:  Cincinnati, OH —April 20–22
            • GHC: : Ontario, CA- June 15–17
            • GHC: : St. Charles, MO— July 13-15


              • HHS-  Ministries: Raleigh, NC — January 29–30
              • GHC: : Greenville, SC —March 10–12
              • GHC: : Ft. Worth, TX —March 17–19
              • GHC:  Cincinnati, OH —March 31–April 2
              • : Frederick, MD — April 22-23
              • Chengdu (China体彩有app官方下载) 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Conference — May 12-14
              • : Elliott City, MD — May 25-27
              • GHC:  GHC: Ontario, CA- June 18-20
              • : Logan, UT— July 28-29


            • HHS-  Ministries, Raleigh, NC- February 6-7
            • GHC: -Ft. Worth, TX- February 12-14
            • GHC: -Greenville, SC- March 12-14
            • VA体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ers: –Glen Allen, VA– March 20-21
            • GHC: -Cincinnati, OH- April 9-11
            • : Frederick, MD, April 24-25
            • NCHE- – Winston-Salem- May 22-24
            • – Williamsburg, VA, May 28-29
            • WHO: – June 12-13
            • GHC: -GHC: Ontario, CA- June 18-20
            • –Smithfield, NC–August 22


            • HHS-  Ministries, Raleigh, NC- February 7-8
            • GHC- : Greenville, SC- March 20-22
            • EPHSC- : Shepherdstown, WV- March 29
            • GHC- : Cincinnati- April 23-27
            • NCHE- – Winston-Salem- May 22-24
            • ICHE- – Naperville, IL- June 5-7
            • GHC- : Ontario, CA- June 12-14
            • AHEC- – Pigeon Forge, TN- June 26-28
            • MHC- – Columbia, SC- July 24-26


            • : March 14-16
            • : March 22-23
            • : April 4-6
            • : Frederick, MD, Building 9, Booth 14: April 26-27
            • : Lansing, MI: May 9-11
            • : Edison, NJ: May 17-18
            • : Winston-Salem, NC, Booth 25: May 23-25
            • : May 28
            • , Booth 42: May 31-June 1
            • : June 22


            Education without values, as useful as it is, 
            seems rather to make man a more clever devil.
            C.S. Lewis

            Slightly longer bio

            Janice Campbell and her husband Donald 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ed their sons from pre体彩有app官方下载 into early college using a lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason, classical learning, and the Thomas Jefferson method. Her books and resources reflect Janice’s focus on twaddle-free, active learning (she did have boys, after all!).

            Janice speaks at conferences nationwide on subjects including literature and writing, parent training for more confident 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载ing, high 体彩有app官方下载 (including records and transcripts), as well as entrepreneurship for 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 families. She is the author of the  curriculum for grades 8-12, and , among other things. 

            Whether teaching high 体彩有app官方下载 students to love literature, parents to be more inspired or effective teachers, or families how to create multiple streams of income through microbusiness entrepreneurship, Janice’s focus is on sharing the joy of the journey and lighting lamps so that others can more easily find their way. Her website, , offers inspiration, resources, and a free e-newsletter.

            How to contact me: [email protected].


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              I attended your session today concerning transcripts at the Cincinnati 体彩有app官方下载体彩有app官方下载 Convention. You mentioned that you could send us the PDFs of the slides. Could you send those to me?

              Thank you for sharing with us!

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